Since 2000, there has been a payment option with Citadel Instant Banking (also known as “Instant Banking by Citadel”). With Citadel Instant Banking, you can perform transactions in real time on the Internet without creating an account or using a virtual wallet. Instead, Citadel Instant Banking allows users to access their own online checking account and make an instant transfer – anywhere in the world.

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Citadel Instant offers the largest worldwide network of unlocked banks. A total of 200 financial institutions in more than 33 countries worldwide support payment by Citadel.

However, you don’t have to wait for the money to arrive before making a regular transfer. Instead, it is immediately there where it should arrive.

Citadel Instant Banking is operated by Citadel Federal Credit Union, an American company based in Pennsylvania. The Citadel Federal Credit Union has existed since 1937 and the company is one of the largest lenders in the state of Pennsylvania. It has more than 200,000 customers and serves more than 250 businesses. The company holds more than 2.9 billion dollars in reserve and after the merger with Atlantic Credit Union in 2004 is a well-known player in the American credit scene and also outside the USA for private customers an interesting alternative for payment transactions.

How does Citadel Instant Banking?

The payment with Citadel Instant Banking is quite simple and clear. Players can choose from three options:

  1. Payment Wizard: Customers can pay using the Payment Wizard. You have to download it. He guides the customer through the entire payment process and through the options in his own Internet banking account.
  2. Citadel Website: The Citadel Instant Website generates automatic payment processes associated with the customer’s online checking account.
  3. The Rapid-System: When the customer selects the “Rapid-System”, he gets a reference number with which the transfer into the input mask in his online banking account can be started.

The Citadel Instant Banking method has made a name for itself because customers can use their own current account. All you have to do is select Citadel Instant as your payment method, search for your bank in the input mask, log into your current account and confirm the payment.

Citadel Instant does not store any user data or financial information, and does not pass on any data to the recipient of the money. This means that each transaction remains anonymous and the data is secure. Citadel Instant does not charge any fees for the service, but your bank may charge fees.

In the beginning, when you use Citadel as a Casino payment method, there is still a limit. However, the more often you use the service, the higher this limit will be. The limit itself depends on the customer’s own bank, and where the money should be transferred to.

If you are registered with several banks, you can see how high (or low) the limits are, and of course play out payment limits. After each deposit you will also be shown how much money you can still transfer within the limit – so you always have an overview. As a customer you can also view your past transactions by checking your bank statements.