The Fibonacci system is a betting system with negative progression in which the stakes are made according to the Fibonacchi sequence. It is recommended to start your bets low in order not to reach the table limit.

The Fibonacci betting system is based on the so-called Fibonacci sequence. The Fibonacci sequence is an infinite sequence of natural numbers, starting with twice the number 1 and all subsequent numbers are the sum of the two previous numbers. How this looks in detail, we will have a look at it. But first a few interesting facts about Leonardo Fibonacci, after whom the sequence of numbers is named.

He was a mathematician and wanted to describe the growth of a rabbit population with the sequence of numbers 1202. The consequence was already known in ancient times by the Greeks and also by the Indians. The exciting thing about the Fibonacci episode: Nature seems to follow this law of addition in the growth of plants. The Fibonacci sequence is also related to the golden ratio.

The Fibonacci sequence as a betting system

We return to the numbers: The Fibonacchi sequence looks like this:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610 etc.

The numbers contained in the sequence are called Fibonacci numbers.

A Fibonacci sequence can also be used with other numbers.

But even in this case the next number is always the sum of two preceding numbers.

If you were to start a Fibonacci sequence with 2, for example, the whole thing would look like this:

2, 2, 4, 6, 10, 16, 26, 26, 42, 58, 100, 158, 258, etc.

If you use the sequence while playing at the casino, you don’t have to be a mathematician.

You just have to know the sequence of numbers – it’s best to write them down on a piece of paper – and make your bets according to this sequence of numbers.

This means that the first bet is one unit, the second bet is one unit, the third bet is two units, the fourth bet is 3 units, and so on. So you multiply your bets by the number of the real Fibonacchi sequence.

How is the Fibonacchi system played?

Fibonacci is a negative progression system. After each loss you increase your stake – you jump one digit in the Fibonacchi sequence. The Fibonacchi system is only used in games with balanced chances of winning.

As such on chances where the probability of winning is almost 50%. Of course it is never 50%, because the advantage of gambling is always with the bank. No matter which system you use.

An easy chance would be the Passline in Craps or the Bank in Baccarat. In Roulette this would be red/black, even/odd or 1-18/19-36.

The Fibonacchi system is a negative progression. This means that the player raises his bet after each loss, i.e. jumps one digit in the Fibonacchi sequence. If the player wins, the sequence of the system starts again at 1.

Let’s have a look at the Fibonacci system with a concrete example:

If the player starts with €5 (€5 = one unit in this case) and loses, he must bet €5 again the next time (because the Fibonacci sequence starts with two times 1, i.e. one unit).

p>If the player loses again, he must bet €10 the next time (the third number in the Fibonacci sequence is a 2, i.e. 2 x 5 = 10).

If he loses again, he must bet €15 etc. If he then wins, the sequence is restarted from the beginning, with the original bet of €5.

Advantages of the Fibonacci system

The advantages of the Fibonacchi system: It is very easy to use, no higher math is needed to understand it. For the beginning you can think in advance, with which application you would like to start, often the minimum application at the table gives the lowest unit anyway. Once you have thought about your bet, you write down the further bets of the Fibonacci sequence on a piece of paper – so nothing can go wrong when using the Fibonacci system.

Another advantage: With the Fibonacci sequence you usually win quite fast before you run out of money. If you win the bets remain small and manageable and you don’t have to think about what to bet next, because you start over and over again with one unit, the basic bet.

Disadvantages of the Fibonacci system

However, it will be unpleasant if you have a losing streak and a loss of the other line, because then the result rises quite fast and the bets will be high. But that’s how it is with all betting systems with negative progression: If you lose, it gets tricky. Because then one must set much money, only in order to compensate the loss again.

You are still a long way from a win. And of course this betting system only works if you can use it without any restrictions, i.e. if your own budget or the table limits of the casinos do not set any limits.

The Fibonacci system for Blackjack and slot machines

The Fibonacci system is most often played in Roulette, but also in Blackjack and when playing at Slots Online you can take advantage of this strategy.

If you want to use the Fibonacci system with Black Jack, it works exactly like with Roulette: after each loss, the player raises his bet by one position in the sequence of numbers. If he wins, he starts all over again.

And the Fibonacci system is just as easy to use for online slots: After each loss increase the bet by one position in the sequence of numbers, after each win start the sequence of numbers from the beginning.

Variant: Use sequence of numbers differently

There are also players who handle the Fibonacci sequence differently in case of a win. After each loss, they also move one position further to the right in the sequence of numbers, but in the case of a win they always move their bet only two positions to the left and not completely to the beginning.

If a player were to play according to this variant, he would start his bet again after 5 losses at €10 and continue playing the sequence from there. If you land at the first bet again, you have won your basic bet.


The Fibonacci system is a nice way to play in online casinos. It can be used immediately by anyone without being a math genius. Simply write down the sequence of numbers and place your bets according to it – and you are already playing according to a betting system.

What you should keep in mind is to keep your bets low, so that in case of losses they do not turn out to be too high. But basically it is the same as with the other betting systems: The Fibonacci system offers a nice change for the game in the online casino, a security for fat winnings, but it does not exist here either.

Try the Fibonacci strategy right away! You can also choose the right online casino, which has of course been tested for security, and get a great bonus.