Jokers have always played a prominent role in gambling. Today the joker is often replaced by so-called wild symbols, which do the same, but listen to a different name. But when the joker appears in a slot machine, it is always in the spotlight. Sometimes the joker is a friendly guy, sometimes a scary guy. How about Fire Joker?

In Fire Joker from Play’n GO you’re dealing with a devilish joker who probably just came out of hell. Otherwise we can’t explain the fires surrounding him. If this has any influence on the game, we hear you ask. No, it’s purely optical. But what makes this slot machine so special, you can find out now!

Technical features

Wow, such a small slot machine! Is it even possible to win if there are only 9 symbols to be seen? And why only 5 pay lines? Play’n GO wants me to become poor! These or similar thoughts are to be expected, but can be defused quickly. Yes, the machine has only 3 reels with 3 symbols each. And also the paylines are limited to 5. In times of video slots with 243 paylines this is of course little, but does it also influence your winning probabilities?

Let’s get into the basics of Fire Joke before we answer this question. First of all, the machine works just like any other. You make a bet – here this is an amount between €0.05 and €100 – which allows you to spin the reels in circles. You win if you can place three symbols on one of the pay lines. In Fire Joker, these are three horizontal lines and the two diagonals.

When you play the video slot, you will recognize the Fire and Joker theme very well. It is an ordinary joker slot with symbols such as cherries and 7, as well as the joker that substitutes for all other symbols. This means that it takes over the function of the other symbols and can thus complete a row that would otherwise consist of only two identical symbols.

bonuses and winnings

To answer the question of whether you can win anything at Fire Joker, we briefly answer with a “yes”. The number of paylines alone is not decisive for the payout ratio. According to Adam Riese, a machine with 9 symbols has considerably fewer possible lines than a machine with 15 symbols. Conversely, the probability that one of the few lines in a 9-symbol machine will be hit is much higher than in a 15-symbol machine.

In fact, it depends on how often symbols like the joker appear. With Fire Joker, a slot machine that is completely focused on the joker, you can expect the joker to appear very often. Since there are only 9 places on the machine and there are usually 1-2 Jokers, winning combinations are almost automatically formed.

The best combination is naturally that of the three Jokers. This makes you 80 credits richer. If you played the winning round with the maximum bet of €100, you will win €8,000. To increase the likelihood of winning, Play’n GO has equipped the machine with a Respin of Fire feature. If you receive two reels with the same symbol and no winnings, these two reels are held and the third reel is rotated again.