This is retro! Do you want to go back to a time when physical machines were filled with all kinds of information like payouts for winning combinations? Then Mega Joker is the game for you. In hardly any other slot machine will you find such a realistic picture of a real slots. But what else does Mega Joker have to offer and what is it about the progressive jackpot? You will find out shortly!

Technical features

We would love to bury our heads in the sand now, but out of respect to experienced slot machine fans we decided to keep it high and tell you about the technical features of Mega Joker. It is a fruit machine with 3 rolls and 3 symbols each. NetEnt has equipped Mega Joker with 5 payout lines, which are valid from both sides.

The graphic is, as you probably already noticed, very old-fashioned and compared to the more modern slot machines a joke, but well, there are people who like it. But at least the game runs smoothly and without problems even on older machines. You’ll also see the active paylines and there’s also a jackpot display to remind you why you’re playing this slot machine.

Mega Joker lets you play bets between €1.00 and €10.00, so it’s also below the competition’s odds. However, in normal mode you can win high winnings of up to 2000 coins. In general, this slot machine is one for the real gamblers among you who enjoy classic slot machines.

bonuses and winnings

Although Mega Joker is not a Mega Fortune class game, the progressive jackpot is a clear argument for Mega Joker. But you have to understand that this is not a million jackpot, but a jackpot in the thousands. Of course, the jackpot doesn’t have to be that small, but the game doesn’t seem to be designed for the big winnings. But that also means that winnings are more likely. So in the end it’s a matter of taste again!

But luckily Mega Joker has a number of other features to offer that make this slot machine stand out from the crowd. Do you know the Super Meter mode? This mode is activated when you have three symbols on a payline. Now, if you want, you can take the game to the next level. Here you have the chance to multiply your winnings, but have to make another bet. It’s a tricky decision, but this feature is so much fun that we never pinched it in our test!

In case you wonder where the Wilds, Free Spins and the Bonus Game are, unfortunately we have searched in vain. But please let us know if you find them! That’s why it’s even more rewarding to concentrate on the jackpot. If you let it go and let the reels spin into space, winnings can seem far away. But with full stakes and some risk in the game, thanks to a 99% theoretical payout ratio, you can get certain winnings.

If you are looking for a modern slot machine that offers great graphics, a nice design and all sorts of extras, then you are unfortunately Mega Joker wrong. If, however, you are thinking about retro design and secure winnings, a look at Mega Joker is definitely worth it. The decision is yours!